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Results = Satisfied Clients

Angelo Renzulli

General Manager

Madison Jaguar

"AdPoint Communications, Inc. really brings us a lot of great marketing and advertising ideas, but better than that he actually delivers. He measures reponse on all our advertising and our website generates a ton of business. We really, really depend on AdPoint."

Dennis Squitieri

Dealer Principle

Bergen Jaguar
Madison Jaguar

"Talented, original, moves quickly and understands deadlines, creative, things I didn't want to having another team member...."






Edward Burns

President & CEO

Point Media

"As a burgeoning media company, it was very important to us that we aligned ourselves with people and partners who could really generate results quickly. Having worked with Chris Kaefer in the past, we knew we could count on him to expand awareness of our company’s websites and television show and that’s exactly what he did."

Steve Mandell

President & CEO

CMYK Publishing ASPIRE Magazine

"I had a vision when I started ASPIRE to marry print with web. I went into the project as a “know it all,” after talking hiring Chris from AdPoint, my strategy changed, thankfully and we achieved our 2-year goal in just 3 months, I would actually rather keep Chris to myself!"




Michael Callori


Callori Architects

"Christopher Kaefer was the mastermind who designed and developed our website when we opened our Architectural practice. He immediately understood our need to reach a certain Target group and the importance of the graphics in communicating who we are and what we do. His design for the website met our needs to establish our presence in the market place for our specialized services as well as our position in the design community. Many of our new clients have told us they found us through our website and when new potential clients call I refer them to the website for immediate access to our professional portfolio. The results have been immediate and impressive."